Nothing kills you like your mind Unknown (via inxpressive)

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From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people. (via jordancorin)

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i used to know you
better than the back of my hand.
your body,
your mind,
all of your terrain.
you could of blindfolded me forever,
and i still would’ve recognized
the touch of your finger tips
and the scent of your skin.
but with time,
all things change.
including the map of you
i had stored
in the back of my brain.
you’re now unknown territory,
and im mapless and afraid.
i don’t think i know you anymore (via sad-disposition)

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keepitreal-or-keepitmoving said: You're hair looks awesome! You're so beautiful ♥

Thank you ! I’m not finished yet tho !


steph sitting on the train is very fun to photograph

Anonymous said: Yeah making out with friends is fine...until one day one of yall catch feelings and jealousy becomes a factor then things get hairy lol

Not friends , A FRIEND but yea you have a point . Just be carful that’s all.

Anonymous said: it's been 6 months I've been single. what are some tips on how to approach starting to date again, after getting out of a 2 year relationship?

Honestly just let shit happen

Anonymous said: Did you meet Shane through tumblr

No .

Anonymous said: Do u think it's bad to make out with someone who is just ur friend

I had a friend that we had drunken make outs and sober hugs , at long as it doesn’t go any further you should be good .

Anonymous said: You got your own place?

I wish . .